We stand behind the Xtrema name and believe that Xtrema is the healthiest and most versatile
pure ceramic cookware on the market. No other cookware company shares their “passed” test
results but we do. Every product is tested by third-party scientific laboratories in the USA, Hong
Kong, and China before it is packaged and shipped to our warehouse in Maryland. You can find
those test results here: https://www.xtrema.com/pages/product-testing/

Xtrema is tested for lead and cadmium and is certified by California Prop 65, which is the Gold
Standard for testing lead—not an XRF machine. The XRF is used for testing soil and you will
find that lead is naturally-occurring in everything, even the air you breathe. You can take an
XRF machine to your stove or oven and it will test positive for lead. There are no leachable
amounts of lead in Xtrema products because they have to pass California Prop 65.

California Prop 65 - Gold Standard - Valid Test

The state of California requires that no person in the course of doing business shall knowingly
and intentionally expose any individual to a chemical known to the State of California to cause
cancer or reproductive toxicity without first giving a clear and reasonable warning.

Ceramcor complies with all FDA regulations and all of Ceramcors Xtrema products are tested
under the guidelines of Californian Proposition 65 and all of our products continually pass.
Ceramcors products are made and shipped from our mainland China factory and they are all CA
Prop 65 compliant. Our products will always be safe for you and your family - in that there will
be no doubt. Test results can be found on our web site: https://www.xtrema.com/pages/product-testing/

Informational purposes only:
In 1986 the California state government passed legislation that is intended to warn consumers in
the state of the possibility of exposure to toxic chemicals. Officially known as the Safe Drinking
Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, it is better known by its original name of Proposition

Proposition 65 requires the State to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer, birth
defects, or other reproductive harm. Currently, there are around 750 chemicals listed, with lead
and cadmium being the chemicals of concern to ceramic manufactures.

Proposition 65 requires businesses to notify Californians about significant amounts of these
listed chemicals in the products they purchase, in their homes or workplaces, or that are released into the environment. Proposition 65 specifically lays out the required testing method, limits for lead and cadmium leaching, and the warning requirements for articles that exceed the limits.

The information provided here is a very brief overview of Proposition 65, and is not meant to
answer all questions regarding this law. To review the warning requirements, or to view the
regulation in its entirety, please refer to the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard
Assessment web site at www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65/background/index.html

XRF Product Testing – Not Valid
1. XRF Testing: X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is the emission of characteristic "secondary" (or
fluorescent) X-rays from a material that has been excited by bombardment with highenergy
X-rays or gamma rays.

XRF Testing is not the industry standard for houseware products testing by the United
States Government. Testing done by an XRF device is not authorized for proving the
leaching of any heavy toxic metals. California Prop 65 and the FDA laboratory metal
extraction test are the testing procedures that must be adhered to in order to test for
metal extraction or leaching for lead and cadmium.

2. A person using this device does not make them an accredited testing facility. A person
must be certified and accredited through the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which
is required for testing, finding and proving the presence of any metal and its leaching.
Metal can only be considered toxic if it is absorbed into the body by breathing in
contaminated dust, drinking liquids that contain heavy metals, or eating foods that
contain heavy metals. There are many organizations and people that also believe that
heavy metals are in many of the vaccines that children are now required to receive. Dust,
air, water, and foods (and some believe vaccines) are the primary ways that one would
become poisoned by heavy metals.

3. The test method for determining total lead in metal products is CPSC-CH-E1001-08.3,
which only recognizes X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry for certain homogeneous
materials with certain limitations and acceptable ranges. XRF Spectrometry must use
multiple monochromatic excitation beams (HDXRF). It must be a homogeneous material
(a material that consists of uniform composition throughout and is characterized by its
inability to be separated mechanically into different materials) and the XRF instrument
must meet ASTM F2853-10e1.

4. Many people rent these XRF field testing devices but, because the device itself may not be
calibrated correctly, the devices would not even meet the ASTM standard. The required
testing protocol for non-homogeneous materials (which this is) is digestion followed by
Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES). ICP-MS and
FLAA must be used under certain guidelines.

Pamela Turner, PhD, from the University of Georgia, cautions that XRF testing on one product
isn't exactly scientific because it involves one test of one product at a time, not the averaged
results of a group of products or items.

The XRF also can't determine how much of the lead in a product is coming off of it. “Lead is only
dangerous if it is released from a product and is inhaled or ingested,” says Tom Neltner,
Chemicals Policy Director of the Environmental Defense Fund.

The XRF testing device is not the industry standard for non-homogeneous matter.

California Prop 65 and FDA testing protocol is the gold standard for testing for leachable lead
and cadmium and other toxic chemicals. This is the law.

Are XRF handhelds safe?
High-energetic X-rays used in XRF spectrometers are dangerous to health because you cannot
see them, feel them, hear them, or smell them. XRF guns or handhelds fall into the category of
open-source X-ray equipment and vendors leave the responsibility entirely to the user. All users
operating handhelds should be aware of the dangers of direct—and especially indirect—exposure
through X-ray scatter. Precautions will need to be taken to prevent scattered X-rays from
harming you, your employees, and your surroundings.


The Lead Safe Blogger is bringing awareness to lead toxicity which is wonderful. Her family with
young children were living in an old lead painted house where her young children were poisoned
by the removing of the lead paint by an unqualified contractor. The lead dust was ingested by
her children and this is what caused the lead toxicity. The top 3 causes of lead toxicity in the
USA is paint from old houses, contaminated soil and water. This is very sad and I know
firsthand how devastating lead toxicity from leaded paint can be. While the blogger mainly
focuses on lead, we believe and have medical proof that all metals can be just as toxic as lead,
depending on one’s genetic make-up and the illness that they are presently fighting. We are the
only houseware company that is taking a public stand against the use of metals during the
cooking process. In 40 years, not one person has been able to give us one medical, nutritional, or
health benefit from using any metal cookware. Ceramics have been used for cooking for over
10,000 years. 

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